Diablo 2: Resurrected Item Sets Overview


The item sets in Diablo 2 Resurrected have preset stats and green names, and they receive bonuses from the added items in the set when worn together. Some of the individual set items are quite powerful, but they aren’t better than the magical or rare obtainable items.

The best way to optimize item sets is by wearing the best possible pieces, or by combining two or more items of the same set to enhance the benefits from the hidden and partial bonuses of the item or set. Also, the Diablo 2 Resurrected set items are indicated with the color green, and they are displayed as ‘Green Items.’

Item Set Bonuses

As previously mentioned, every item set has its own set bonuses that are displayed when more than one item is equipped. Each piece has its own hidden bonuses, and it entirely depends on the number of pieces that you hold. Thus, allowing you to get both; the hidden, as well as the general set bonuses. On every item, they are displayed in the modifiers as Italic text.

Stacking of Partial Set Bonuses

When you wear three items together, you get a bonus for wearing two items as well as the three worn items. Also, the complete set bonus stacks on top of the partial bonus. For instance, if you’re wearing a complete set bonus of +30 Mana, and a partial set bonus of +30 Life, then you’ll get both; +30 Mana and +30 Life bonuses.

Item Sets Summary

The list mentioned below comprises the Diablo 2 item sets that are available in Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 Resurrected. But before that, there are a few things that you need to know.

In order to drop these items, I-Level is the level which the monsters need to be. Whereas, C-Level is the minimum level that you need to stand on to wear the complete set. You will come across various item sets that either have the same C-Level for every item in the set or a different C-Level for each item.

There are also some sets for diablo 2 resurrected item sets that are best suited to specific classes, and the introduced items sets were quite different in the LOD (Lord of Destruction) and Vanilla expansions. Since Diablo 2 has basically resurrected, the item sets are now relevant to master again.

Item Sets List

Aldur’s Watchtower – A diablo 2 resurrected item set for the Druid class; requiring I-Level 29 and C-Level 76. Angelic Raiment – A Defensive set; requiring I-Level 17 and C-Level 12. Arcanna’s Tricks – A set for the Sorceress class; requiring I-Level 20 and C-Level 15. Arctic Gear – A set for the Amazon class; requiring I-Level 3 and C-Level 2. Berserker’s Arsenal – A set for the Barbarian class; requiring I-Level 5 and C-Level 3. Bul-Kathos’ Children – A set for the Barbarian class; requiring I-Level 50 and C-Level 66.

Cathan’s Traps – A set for the Sorceress class; requiring I-Level 15 and C-Level 11. Civerb’s Vestments – A set for the Paladin class; requiring I-Level 13 and C-Level 9. Cleglaw’s Brace – A Melee Fighter set; requiring I-Level 6 and C-Level 4. Cow King’s Leathers – A Melee Fighter set; requiring I-Level 20 and C-Level 25. Death’s Disguise – A set requiring I-Level 8 and C-Level 6. Griswold’s Legacy – A set for the Paladin class; requiring I-Level 44 and C-Level 69. Heaven’s Brethren – A Melee Fighter set; requiring I-Level 55 and C-Level 81.

Hsaru’s Defense – A set requiring I-Level 4 and C-Level 3. Hwanin’s Majesty – A Melee Fighter set; requiring I-Level 28 and C-Level 45. Immortal King – A Melee Fighter set (immortal king set diablo 2); requiring I-Level 37 and C-Level 76. Infernal Tools – A set for the Necromancer class; requiring I-Level 7 and C-Level 5. Iratha’s Finery – A set requiring I-Level 21 and C-Level 15. Isenhart’s Armory – A Melee-Oriented set; requiring I-Level 21 and C-Level 8. M’avina’s Battle Hymn – A set for the Amazon class; requiring I-Level 21 and C-Level 70.

Milabrega’s Regalia – A set for the Paladin class; requiring I-Level 23 and C-Level 17. Naj’s Ancient Vestige – A set requiring I-Level 43 and C-Level 78. Natalya’s Odium – A set for the Assassin class; requiring I-Level 22 and C-Level 79. Orphan’s Call – A Melee Character set; requiring I-Level 41 and C-Level 42. Sander’s Folly – A set for the Necromancer class; requiring I-Level 20 and C-Level 28. Sazabi’s Grand Tribute – A set for the Paladin class; requiring I-Level 34 and C-Level 73.

Sigon’s Complete Steel – A set requiring I-Level 9 and C-Level 6. Tal Rasha’s (diablo 2 tal rasha set) Wrappings – A set for the Sorceress class; requiring I-Level 26 and C-Level 71. Tancred’s Battlegear – A set requiring I-Level 27 and C-Level 20. The Disciple – A Melee Character set; requiring I-Level 39 and C-Level 65. Trang-Oul’s Avatar – A set for the Necromancer class; requiring I-Level 32 and C-Level 65. Vidala’s Rig – A set for the Amazon class; requiring I-Level 18 and C-Level 14.

Set Item Jewelry Rarity

Civerb’s Icon has a 13 Qlvl requirement with 7 Rarity, Cathan’s Sigil has a 15 Qlvl requirement with 7 Rarity, Angelic Wings has a 17 Qlvl requirement with 7 Rarity, Vidala’s Snare has a 19 Qlvl requirement with 7 Rarity, Arcanna’s Sign has a 20 Qlvl requirement with 1 Rarity, Iratha’s Collar has a 21 Qlvl requirement with 7 Rarity, Tal Rasha’s Adjudication has a 26 Qlvl requirement with 1 Rarity, Tancred’s Weird has a 27 Qlvl requirement with 7 Rarity, Telling of Beads has a 39 Qlvl requirement with 1 Rarity, Cathan’s Seal has a 15 Qlvl requirement with 7 Rarity, and Angelic Halo has a 17 Qlvl requirement with 3 Rarity.

OSRS Demonic Gorilla Guide


Demonic Gorillas were introduced along with the release of the quest Money Madness 2. They are highly comparable with Tormented Demons from RuneScape 3, and they are the only source from which you can obtain the items; Ballistas and Zenyte Shards.


If you want to go ahead and fight against these creatures, you’ll have to first complete the Monkey Madness quest and go back to the Crash Site Cavern part to locate them. Being a grandmaster quest, it is quite long and requires you to have high combat stats and other skill requirements. There isn’t any skill requirement to defeat the fight against Demonic Gorillas. However, it is recommended that you have each of the overhead prayers unlocked, along with 75 Attack, 75 Range, and High Strength. Barrows Gloves and Defenders can be a good addition while facing them.


The mechanics of osrs Demonic Gorillas guide are quite unique because they can switch between Protect from Missiles, Protect from Melee, and Protect from Magic in completely random order. That’s why it seems a little similar to the mechanics of TzTok-Jad. Along with this, they also switch between various attack styles depending upon the Protection Prayer that you have active.

The base of the osrs demonic gorilla guide is that you will need practice with switching and flicking your Prayer. They can be quite confusing at the initial stage because they use all three attack styles; Melee, Magic, and Range, but once you have a hang of it, things will be smoother. You must keep in mind, that these gorillas can at times stomp the ground and send a rock attack towards you that can deal a good amount of damage if you don’t appropriately move from their attack range.
While you’re preventing any incoming damage, you must also switch your attack styles based on what they’re praying against. This prayer rotation will start after taking a total of 50 damage from any of your attack styles. So, the best strategy would be to switch gears swiftly to avoid hitting any zeros and consuming unnecessary time and supplies.

If you’re using the RuneLite client, the Demonic Gorillas osrs plugin can make the fight much easier. The reason is that it’ll allow you to keep track of their attack count and predict which style they’re going to possible switch. This will also help you in knowing which prayer and equipment you should switch into.

Due to the nature of these demonic gorillas osrs, it’s best that you stay in a single-combat zone, rather than a multi-combat zone. Also, don’t think about safe-spotting them, because you’ll instead lure another gorilla that is nearby. Even though they drop supplies that can be used to extend your trip, it is suggested that you bring along a healing weapon, such as a Saradomin God Sword or Toxic Blow Pipe, because their special attack can come in handy. If you have a good enough level in Mage, then bring runes to cast Blood Barrage.

Gear Setup

Even though you can use all three attack styles, it is best that you focus on Melee and Range hybrid setup. The reason is that their Magic defense is quite high. However, there are specific gear setups that you should consider, depending upon whether you are fighting them to complete a Slayer Task, or you’re charging in with a good offensive gear without being on a task, or you don’t have enough money to purchase a good setup. So, let’s have a look.

Slayer Setup: Imbued Slayer Helmet, Amulet of torture/Necklace of Anguish/Amulet of Fury, A Fire cape/Ava’s Assembler, Armadyl Armour with Bandos/Obsidian on-switch, Arclight/Tentacle with a Toxic Blowpipe/Twisted Bow, Dragon/Avernic defender, Primordial/Pegasian Boots, Barrows Gloves, and Imbued Berserker Ring/Archer’s Ring.

Non-Slayer Setup: Void Top & Bottom, Void Ranger & Melee Helmets, Amulet of Torture/Necklace of Anguish, Ava’s Assembler/Inferno Cape, Arclight with a Twisted Bow Switch, Avernic/Dragon defender, Barrows Gloves, Primordial/Pegasian Boots, and Imbued Berserker Ring/Archer’s Ring.

Cheap Setup: Helm of Neitiznot, Amulet of Glory/Strength, Ava’s Accumulator, Black Dragonhide Armor, Arclight, Abyssal Whip/Dragon Scimitar, Rune Crossbow/Magic Shortbow (I), Combat Bracelet/Barrows Gloves, and Dragon Boots/Snakeskin Boots.

The Video Game That Destroys Your Social Life – World of Warcraft!

World of Warcraft is one of many games which are considered to be a “massively multiplayer online role playing game”, or mmorpg. These types of games tend to get people addicted very quickly, and most people have a very difficult time to stop playing.
People will keep continuously playing, trying to gain a level, complete a quest, get some gold… There’s always one more thing that you want to do. I know because I’ve played hundreds of these types of games, they’re all based around the same common concepts and objectives.

The reason that these games are so addictive is because of the way they’re set up. You unlock new things every hour or so, and it’s a very rewarding experience. You get addicted to this experience, and you’re only interested in playing more and more.

World of Warcraft is the most popular massively multiplayer online role playing game around, because of a few reasons. For one, the graphics and gameplay are great and extensive. People never really get bored of this game. The characters look awesome, there are so many things to do, and you can usually find friends to play and compete with on the game, making the game possess even more addictive qualities.

I personally have never played World of Warcraft for a long period of time, I’ve only tried it. It’s true that the game is extremely addicting. You’re always tempted to play all night, stay home from school and play, etc. I have friends that avoid some social situations on a daily basis just to “raid” or kill things in the game and gain levels with his friends.

So is my title an over exaggeration? I believe it to be more true than you’d believe. People’s social lives can be easily ruined by this game. They’ll stop going to parties, only talk to their friends that play World of Warcraft, and typically want to talk about the game all the time.

Most people will avoid any social situations that take away from their time on the computer. They’ll also typically stop working on their homework, and you’ll typically see quite a decline in the grades for players.

The only way to avoid the negative effects of this video game is to never start playing. Of course the game looks awesome, and your friends may play it. But don’t forget that you’re going to become so addicted that your social life may suffer in the end. You may become excessively lazy. Don’t let this happen. Find an alternative. World of Warcraft addiction is similar to that of a weak drug. Just do something more healthy and constructive!

Video Games to Buy a Teenage Girl this Holiday Season

Video games are a perfect holiday gift. If you are looking to buy a game for a teenage girl, you may think to look for something frilly, with flowers and puppies. You will be thinking wrong. Teenage Girls are just as adept at Gaming as boys are. That means all games apply. Find out what platform she is playing on; Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS. Also see what games she might have already to get an idea about what genre she likes.
Girls love massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). You might find, she is already playing WOW World Of Warcraft. Then don’t miss out on a perfect chance to get the newest expansion to the game “WOW Cataclysm”. ESRB Rating:Teen and made for PC and Mac. This expansion is adding two new races, Goblins and Worgens and the level cap is increased to 85.

Xbox 360 Kinect amp; Games

Kinect is a new sensor that makes you the controller. You can control movies , music, and play games by the motion of your body. No controller necessary! You can also connect with friends through Video Kinect.

Dance Central
Dance to over 600 moves and 90 dance routines while listening to today’s current pop, hip-hop and R B; artists. Needs Kinect sensor for Xbox 360.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved
The game creates a personalized workout based on your fitness levels and goals. You can take a yoga class, Marshall Arts class, Tai Chi, have a serious workout routine or just play for fun. Needs Kinect sensor for Xbox 360.

Nancy Drew games for PC and Mac
This game has come out with there 23rd addition to the series with Nancy Drew “Shadow at the Waters Edge”. These games are just like a book, you never walk away with out learning something. The story takes place in Japan where you learn more about the hauntings at Ryokan Hiei. Two sisters and grandmother think the dead mother is a “grudge” like ghost.

Rock Band 3 made for several different platforms, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, even the DS.

Play as one of the band members with great new gear: microphone, drums with symbols, guitar, and the new keyboard. There is even a “MIDI PRO-Adapter” the allows you to use your real MIDI keyboard or MIDI drum set to play Rock Band 3.

The Sims 3
Rated T for Teen for the PC and Mac. A game that has endless creative possibilities that allows you to create, customize and control the lives of your simulation.

OK, just one frilly, flowers and puppies game,

Zoo Tycoon 2
This series has 4 expansion packs. You create and maintain your own zoo with features like: African Adventure with African animals, Jeep Vehicle tours, Endangered Species with Sky Tram Tours, Marine Mania where you can train animals to perform in shows. Extinct Animals allows you to dig for fossils and bring back life to extinct animals. A very fun, entertaining and educational game for the PC and Mac.

Game On Music Video

Alpha Protocol Review

Alpha protocol is a third-person role playing video game based on espionage. The developers of the game are Obsidian Entertainment and it has been published by well-known brand Sega. The game revolves around its protagonist Michael Thorton, who is a field agent, and his adventures. The game was scheduled to be released on 27th October, 2009, but its launch was later shifted to 27th Ma, 2010 in Australia, 28th May,2010 in Europe, and 1st June, 2010 in North America.
The game designed by Chris Parker (project designer) and Chris Avellone (lead animator), was released for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and uses the unreal engine 3 game engine.


Alpha Protocol is a third person game, therefore it allows the player to see the main character and his surroundings. Thorton being a CIA operative, the players get to use a wide range of fire arms and melee combat using a martial art form known as Kenpo, along with many spy gadgets.

In addition to the elements of action , the players earn certain points , known as advancement points which can be used for upgrading skills from a choice of ten skills, for example one the skills allows the player to scan group of hostiles in slow motion, before dashing out of his cover and blasting them with his gun, much faster than he normally does.


The game features numerous non playing characters with whom the players can interact.

The conversations which take place in real time allow a limited time frame for the players to respond at decision points, during the conversations which are important for the storyline and the players character. The dialogue system of the game allows the player to choose from 3 options, which are loosely based on characters like James Bond (suave), Jason Bourne (professional), and Jack Bauer (aggressive), sometimes a fourth option is also available , which terminates the conversation in between, and each NPC responds differently to these options. Since each conversation occurs once per playthrough, a number of playthrough will be required to experience them all.


The game allows the players to customize Thornton’s looks by editing facial hear, head wear, eye wear, eye colour etc. The weapons and gadgets are also customizable with options like adding silencers, bigger magazines, etc.


The game, priced at $52-$64, (depending upon the country where it is being sold), got average reception from gamers and gaming sites over the world.

The game bagged 7/10 from Eurogamer, which said the game lacked finishing and polish.

Other less forgiving game review sites such as Destructoid gave it 2/10. The game received 6/10 from Metacritic. The story line of the game is very impressive but the gameplay and combat is not appealing enough, and thus, the game is recommended only for RPG fanatics, who like to explore the intricacies of the game rather than its gameplay.