Patch 1.0.2 - Limited slow motion and ability balancing


* Changed "Audio"-text which was visible in a wrong options windows.

* Contagious poison can only be triggered once per pool, by the same enemy unit.

* Upgraded poison slow reduces enemy movement speed by 70%->50% (Upgrade tooltip used to say 50%, but actual slow was 70%)

* Poison damage is now 2-4 instead of 4.

* Slow motion can now be used for maximum of ten seconds. It takes 25 seconds to recharge from completely empty to full. Slow motion re-charge speed is affected by game speed.

* Updated the clock icon used for time mode and time mode buttons in map list.

* Adjusted tutorial text and arrow to work with the limited slow motion feature.


* Added a slow motion bar on the left of the ability button. Displays the amount of slow motion time left.

* Text pops up to tell the current game speed, when the game speed is changed.

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