Defend The Keep - Patch 1.0.1

First patch is here. Changes and new content are based on player requests by email and on the Steam discussion page.

This patch was rolled out quickly, so that players with performance issues can get advantage of the resolution scaling as soon as possible.


* Increased the camera's maximum distance.

* Increased the camera's maximum movement and zoom speed.


* Adjusted enemy path finding logic, to avoid the rare occasion (found once), where the enemy cannot resolve a path and the level becomes unfinishable.


* Made awarded building upgrade crystals visible in the world map.

* Added resolution scaling from 10-100%, to graphics settings. Allows the user to maintain the current viewport size, while lowering the in game resolution.

* Added a "thank you for the support" text which is displayed on the first time the game is launched.

* Made game version number visible in the main menu.

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