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My name is Ville Happo, I’m a Finnish guy with a passion for everything related to game development. I program, model, animate, texture and design by myself. Not that I haven’t tried getting people involved, but I also enjoy working on all of the fields. The music for my game is composed by Arto Kuusisto. I have a vocational degree as an electrician and a bachelor’s degree in IT-engineering, but my combined work experience in those fields rounds to about zero hours. 

Jack of all trades, master on none

I started watching 3D-modeling tutorials from YouTube in 2012 and I made short walking simulator that was never published (got me a job in the game industry). While I was working on said game, I realized that I need to know so much more than just 3D-modeling, if I want to make anything interesting. I went back to YouTube and I learned C++, basics of graphics design, rigging, animating and texturing.  

Between 2012 and 2018 I worked on multiple personal and university projects, ranging from servers, cisco networking, website building, Unreal Engine, Unity, 3D-rendering, audio editing, image editing, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C++, C#, etc. I’ve tried pretty much everything I was able to get my hands on, but I always went back to game development. It’s the perfect mix, with multiple fields in one place. 

Defend the keep

I’ve always loved strategy games like: Rise of Nations, Civilization, Age of Empires and Command & Conquer, but god damn it Bloons TD is also an amazing game! 

I was thinking about ways to mix RTS elements and tower defense, so I started working on a prototype on my leisure in 2018. After playing around for a half a year, I went for it full time. At the time of writing I’m just about to finish the core game and launch a closed alpha test. 

The idea behind Defend the keep is to mix the freedom of RTS base building, a hero character in the form of the keep tower and its abilities, open levels and enemies attacking in waves. The main difference to a typical tower defense game is that enemies are not following a pre-defined path, and the village you’re defending is also your score at the end of the level. 

My go to YouTubers

If you want to learn 3D-modeling, I’d recommend checking out Darrin Lile’s excellent tutorials!

Another very helpful channel that taught me plenty about programming, rigging and animating is Sebastian Lague’s channel.

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