OSRS Demonic Gorilla Guide


Demonic Gorillas were introduced along with the release of the quest Money Madness 2. They are highly comparable with Tormented Demons from RuneScape 3, and they are the only source from which you can obtain the items; Ballistas and Zenyte Shards.


If you want to go ahead and fight against these creatures, you’ll have to first complete the Monkey Madness quest and go back to the Crash Site Cavern part to locate them. Being a grandmaster quest, it is quite long and requires you to have high combat stats and other skill requirements. There isn’t any skill requirement to defeat the fight against Demonic Gorillas. However, it is recommended that you have each of the overhead prayers unlocked, along with 75 Attack, 75 Range, and High Strength. Barrows Gloves and Defenders can be a good addition while facing them.


The mechanics of osrs Demonic Gorillas guide are quite unique because they can switch between Protect from Missiles, Protect from Melee, and Protect from Magic in completely random order. That’s why it seems a little similar to the mechanics of TzTok-Jad. Along with this, they also switch between various attack styles depending upon the Protection Prayer that you have active.

The base of the osrs demonic gorilla guide is that you will need practice with switching and flicking your Prayer. They can be quite confusing at the initial stage because they use all three attack styles; Melee, Magic, and Range, but once you have a hang of it, things will be smoother. You must keep in mind, that these gorillas can at times stomp the ground and send a rock attack towards you that can deal a good amount of damage if you don’t appropriately move from their attack range.
While you’re preventing any incoming damage, you must also switch your attack styles based on what they’re praying against. This prayer rotation will start after taking a total of 50 damage from any of your attack styles. So, the best strategy would be to switch gears swiftly to avoid hitting any zeros and consuming unnecessary time and supplies.

If you’re using the RuneLite client, the Demonic Gorillas osrs plugin can make the fight much easier. The reason is that it’ll allow you to keep track of their attack count and predict which style they’re going to possible switch. This will also help you in knowing which prayer and equipment you should switch into.

Due to the nature of these demonic gorillas osrs, it’s best that you stay in a single-combat zone, rather than a multi-combat zone. Also, don’t think about safe-spotting them, because you’ll instead lure another gorilla that is nearby. Even though they drop supplies that can be used to extend your trip, it is suggested that you bring along a healing weapon, such as a Saradomin God Sword or Toxic Blow Pipe, because their special attack can come in handy. If you have a good enough level in Mage, then bring runes to cast Blood Barrage.

Gear Setup

Even though you can use all three attack styles, it is best that you focus on Melee and Range hybrid setup. The reason is that their Magic defense is quite high. However, there are specific gear setups that you should consider, depending upon whether you are fighting them to complete a Slayer Task, or you’re charging in with a good offensive gear without being on a task, or you don’t have enough money to purchase a good setup. So, let’s have a look.

Slayer Setup: Imbued Slayer Helmet, Amulet of torture/Necklace of Anguish/Amulet of Fury, A Fire cape/Ava’s Assembler, Armadyl Armour with Bandos/Obsidian on-switch, Arclight/Tentacle with a Toxic Blowpipe/Twisted Bow, Dragon/Avernic defender, Primordial/Pegasian Boots, Barrows Gloves, and Imbued Berserker Ring/Archer’s Ring.

Non-Slayer Setup: Void Top & Bottom, Void Ranger & Melee Helmets, Amulet of Torture/Necklace of Anguish, Ava’s Assembler/Inferno Cape, Arclight with a Twisted Bow Switch, Avernic/Dragon defender, Barrows Gloves, Primordial/Pegasian Boots, and Imbued Berserker Ring/Archer’s Ring.

Cheap Setup: Helm of Neitiznot, Amulet of Glory/Strength, Ava’s Accumulator, Black Dragonhide Armor, Arclight, Abyssal Whip/Dragon Scimitar, Rune Crossbow/Magic Shortbow (I), Combat Bracelet/Barrows Gloves, and Dragon Boots/Snakeskin Boots.